Swedesurvey is the state-owned overseas agency of Lantmäteriet, the Swedish national mapping, cadastral, land registration authority, established in 1628. Since the beginning of the 1980s Swedesurvey has exported the competences and experience of Lantmäteriet throughout the world and as part of the Swedish governmental policy for global development, with the ultimate objective being to provide prerequisites for improved living conditions. Through Lantmäteriet, Swedesurvey has exclusive access to more than 2000 experts collectively covering competences within land administration for which Lantmäteriet has a national responsibility, including but not limited to:

  • Perform uniform and nationwide cadastral registration and land registration;
  • Propose amendments to legislation and ordinances and implement regulations;
  • Develop, operate and maintain the centralized integrated Swedish Land Information System;
  • Capture, store and secure property, tenure and spatial information and provide advanced e-services in combination with attribute data from municipalities and other state authorities;
  • Geographic information management and analyses;
  • Digital archiving;
  • Chair the Swedish advisory board for the national SDI and Geoportal and assume the role as lead authority for e-government and data sharing between governmental bodies;
  • Responsible for all cadastral procedures and cadastral surveys;
  • Establish and maintain the Swedish CORS/GNSS network and provide related services to state authorities, the private sector and the general public;
  • Responsible for topographic mapping, cadastral index mapping and the national geodetic reference system;
  • In conjunction with the taxation authority responsible for mass valuation of all real properties for the purpose of taxation, mortgaging, land loss compensation etc.;
  • Advanced in-house IT development and management.

International Experience

Providing International Services with Swedesurvey as the overseas agency is defined as one of the four core processes within Lantmäteriet. Land administration projects have been carried out in more than 70 countries and many of them have lasted for 5-10 years in order to secure sustainable results. Currently about ten long-term and a number of short-term projects are conducted globally. The majority of projects are focused on capacity building at land administration authorities and may include feasibility studies and monitoring reviews, land policy and overall strategy concepts, business and data modelling, institutional interaction and data sharing models, resource management, e-services, legal reviews, land tenure issues, IT design and management as well as support to the sector-specific functions listed above.

Originating from the government’s Policy for Global Development, our approach is aimed at securing long-term impact. This is typically achieved by selecting committed counterpart experts from the client who work hand in hand with our advisors for optimal knowledge transfer. Frequently, capacity building programmes (tailor-made training courses, on-the-job training, mentorship, internship and even Master’s programmes in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology) constitute a substantial component of the projects. Some projects have been exclusively dedicated to developing educational programmes and establishing faculties/academies in the land administration sector.

Competitive Advantages

Swedesurvey clients benefit from having guaranteed access to a resource pool which, by global comparison, covers a unique spectrum of competences and experience from a state authority that collectively, provide trust and security for the client. Combined with our extensive global experience this makes our services attractive and provides for sustainable results well adapted to the local context