Our services

Land is a limited non-renewable resource. If properly managed it stimulates investment and economic growth, provides sustainable development, improves social stability and helps to protect the environment.

Wise Land Administration and Governance are therefore important assets for all mankind and must be held in trust for future generations. This is the basic foundation for Services we provide.

Since the late 1970s, actors in the field of land management and land affairs throughout the world have benefitted from sharing Swedesurvey’s knowledge and experience which encompass all aspects of land.

The capacity and resources to provide comprehensive services in land affairs is guaranteed by Swedesurvey which has full access to the expertise of the approximately 2 000 staff of Lantmäteriet. In addition, Swedesurvey has a broad international network of partners.

The wide spectra of activities which Swedesurvey undertake, together with our competence base and many years of experience, have gained Swedesurvey international recognition in providing high-quality services and solutions appropriate to the local context.