Swedesurvey contracted a World Bank project in Uzbekistan

On June 27 Swedesurvey signed a contract with the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Land Resources, Geodesy, Cartography and State Cadastre (GKZGDK) for the WB project “Preparation of the Modernization of Real Property Registry and Cadastre Project”. The project objective is to support the subsequent national implementation project by defining concepts and technical specifications based on locally adapted international best practices regarding (i) real property registration and cadastre system development, (ii) real property and cadastre data improvement and (iii) regulatory and institutional development and capacity building. The first mission was held at the beginning of August and the inception report has recently been submitted to GKZGDK.

- It is with great enthusiasm we are taking on the project, says Fredrik Zetterquist, Team Leader. The fact that the government of Uzbekistan has committed itself to exploit on the digital revolution to improve good governance and efficiency of state services is very encouraging. The country has been struggling with an inefficient land administration for many years and is lagging behind other former SU republics. But with this serious long –term investment, a proper balancing of priorities and focusing on fit-for-purpose solutions, the future land administration of Uzbekistan indeed looks bright and promising.