For almost ten years Swedesurvey assisted the State Committee of Real Property Cadastre of the Government of the Republic of Armenia in the Development of the Cadastral System. The overall objective was to establish a well functioning real property market to support economic growth and sustainable development by establishing:

  • a reliable system for the recording of real property and rights to land;
  • updated information available to the general public as well as stakeholders;
  • increased income from land fees and taxes.

Swedesurvey was also involved in an EC twinning pilot project of integrated land administration to coordinate donor activities.

Country area: 
29 800
Country inhabitants: 
Armenian 95%, Russians 2%, Kurds 2%, Azeris and others 1%
Country language: 
Armenian 96%, Russian 4%
Country capital: 
Country currency: 
Dram (AMD)