Swedesurvey led the consortium which carried out the Cadastral Surveying and Tenure Clarification within the Land Management Programme on behalf of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture in Belize. It involved twelve consultants, including a resident team leader, and a total input of 130 staff months.

Swedesurvey successfully completed the cadastral surveys and adjudication for a total of 14,090 parcels in two districts. This project was delivered and approved in January, 2007.

The consultancy required to undertake cadastral surveys using the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology for surveying land parcels, producing digital and hardcopy maps, and tenure clarification activities which involved claims collection and verification.

Projects in this country: Land Management Program (LMP)

Cadastral Surveying and Land Tenure Clarification in Belize. 

A team of Swedish, American and Belizean experts worked for the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment in Belize. Their task was to perform systematic cadastral surveying and clarification of land tenure in three...

Country area: 
22 965
Country inhabitants: 
Mestizos 46%, Creoles 28%, Maya 10%, Garifuna 6%, Others 10%
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Dollar (BZD)