Land Management Program (LMP)

Cadastral Surveying and Land Tenure Clarification in Belize. 

A team of Swedish, American and Belizean experts worked for the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment in Belize. Their task was to perform systematic cadastral surveying and clarification of land tenure in three districts of Belize.

Each district is officially declared to be an Adjudication Area and after that further divided into Adjudication Sections. The first district, Corozal, will have nine Adjudication Sections and approximately 5000 land parcels was converted to digital format (if already surveyed), or surveyed. In addition to that claims were collected from all landholders, in order to record land rights in the new Land Registry, which is operating according to recently developed laws on land registration and guaranteed title.

The project objective was to produce digital Registry Index Maps and clarify tenure for altogether 15 000 rural land parcels and 500 urban parcels.