Swedesurvey has a long and ongoing relationship with the Department of Survey and Land Records in Bhutan. It began in 1989 with a ten-year project which focused on human resource development and resulted in the computerisation of analogue land registers and hand drawn cadastral maps. Between 2003 and 2006 Swedesurvey assisted the Department in an “Archiving of land records and decentralization of cadastral system through computerization” project followed by another to strengthen the national geo-information management system by identifying and deploying new techniques. Swedesurvey is currently supporting the Bhutan National Land Commission in the Nation-wide Cadastral Resurvey.

Projects in this country: Computerisation of Land Records

The Computerisation of Land Records project was initiated in 1992 with assistance from BITS Sweden and UNDP at the behest of the Royal Government of Bhutan to computerise the national cadastral land records. By the end of 1993 a database and land transfer system was developed and went into...

Country area: 
46 500
Country inhabitants: 
Ngalop and Sharchop 50-55%, Lhotshampa 25-35%, other 10-15%
Country language: 
Country capital: 
Country currency: 
Ngultrum (BTN)