For over ten years Swedesurvey assisted the Department of Surveys and Mapping (DSM) in Botswana in the Development of an Integrated Geographical Information System. Major components were the computerisation of cadastral and topographic databases, the establishment of a digital orthophoto mapping production system, training for operational and management staff, the establishment of a new geodetic network and the development of appropriate databases. In addition, Swedesurvey has assisted DSM to produce a national atlas including a digital version. Swedesurvey has also undertaken aerial photography missions in Botswana and assisted in the establishment of a national web portal for data exchange (NSDI).


Projects in this country: Establishment of a National GIS

The Government of Botswana initiated a project called Establishment of a National GIS. Its main objective was to reach a better co-ordination of all geographic information and GIS activities in Botswana. The project was managed by Government Computer Bureau, and implemented by the Swedesurvey....

Country area: 
581 730
Country inhabitants: 
Tswana 79%, Kalanga 11%, other 10%
Country language: 
English (official)
Country capital: 
Country currency: 
Pula (BWP)