Establishment of a National GIS

The Government of Botswana initiated a project called Establishment of a National GIS. Its main objective was to reach a better co-ordination of all geographic information and GIS activities in Botswana. The project was managed by Government Computer Bureau, and implemented by the Swedesurvey. The project covered the first phase of the establishment process. 

Main issues in phase one were:
• Establish a National Co-ordination Committee for GI and GIS in Botswana
• Improve general knowledge about GIS and Spatial Data Infrastructure in the GI-Community in Botswana
• Prepare a Master Plan for the complete establishment process
• Develop a National Metadata Service for Geographic Information
• Establish a standard for Metadata
• Provide principles for Data exchange
• Prepare for the establishment of a National Co-ordination Unit

A two days Workshop, where the National GIS C-ordination Committee (NGCC) got together for the first time, was held. 

The two days were filled with presentations, mainly from the Swedish Consultant, briefing the Committee about the concept of Spatial Data Infrastructure, Standards, Metadata and Metadata service among others. There was also time for discussions, both in the whole committee as well as in smaller group discussions about different issues. The NGCC had representatives from Government Departments, Para-statals and Academia (University of Botswana). The private sector was represented in the User/Reference Group. One of the outcomes from the workshop was that there will be five permanent Working Groups in the Committee, which also will include members from organisations not being represented in the committee. Another outcome from the workshop was a draft Memorandum of Understanding between the member organisations of the Committee, which will be further discussed before being signed.

There was also a workshop for the GI-Community (GIC), where the Committee briefed the GIC on the initiative and invited them to discuss ways of co-operation and co-ordination of GI and GIS.