Swedesurvey has conducted two projects on behalf of the Egyptian General Survey Authority. In one, an inventory was made of the archive and it was reorganized by setting up production lines for cleaning, restoring and scanning old maps. In the other, Swedesurvey provided advice and training in all aspects of the development of a unified and digital cadastral database to be implemented by the client throughout Egypt.

Projects in this country: Information Management

A Finnish development co-operation project carried out by Egyptian General Survey Authority (ESA) with Scanagri Finland Oy and Swedesurvey AB providing technical assistance.

The aims of "Egyptian Cadastral Information Management" (ECIM) project were to contribute to better security in...

Country area: 
1 002 000
Country inhabitants: 
Egyptians and Arabs, other (Nubian and Berbers)
Country language: 
Country capital: 
Country currency: 
Pound (EGP)