Information Management

A Finnish development co-operation project carried out by Egyptian General Survey Authority (ESA) with Scanagri Finland Oy and Swedesurvey AB providing technical assistance.

The aims of "Egyptian Cadastral Information Management" (ECIM) project were to contribute to better security in land ownership and transaction and a more sustainable management of the nation’s land resources. The project’s purpose was improvement of land information system for cadastral services and its links to land registration and land taxation. 

Egyptian General Survey Authority (ESA) is a nationwide organisation under the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. It is responsible for measuring and describing of all land parcels for land registration. Registration takes place in the land registry offices under the Real Estate Publicity Department within the Ministry of Justice and in co-operation with local offices of ESA. 

The project built a pilot system in one province (Beheira) that can, if successful, be applied nationwide. Swedesurvey has also provided the project with several short-term advisers in the fields of systems analysis, land management, legal issues, GIS etc. Otherwise the project’s staff were locals, most of them very skilled and committed to reach the goals of the project. The top management of ESA also showed great interest in the implementation and the results.
The project faced an enormous challenge in analysing current analogue system, its conditions, data and workflows, varying from office to office and continuously changing. This has been mandatory however, to be able to build and introduce a computerised land information and management system. The project has highlighted a number of problems with the existing systems, which have to be dealt with by ESA and the other stakeholders in order to make a successful computerisation. 

The unified cadastral database, being converted from analogue to digital (and from numerous existing digital environments of different quality) as a part of the project, will in the new system be updated by automated workflows of all cadastral activities. ArcCadastre, developed by ESRI, Leica Geosystems and Lantmäteriet of Sweden, has been selected in thorough tendering process to form one of the software platforms of the new system.