Capacity Building SAGW

Capacity Building in Skopje

Swedesurvey, in a joint venture with the Dutch Cadastre International and the Land Registers of Scotland, was chosen by Sida to deliver Technical Assistance to Support Capacity Building at the State Agency for Geodetic Works (SAGW). The project supported the land administration reform, which also was financed by a World Bank loan and grants from some other donor countries. 

The main output in the project was the establishment of a training centre for land administration in Skopje, which will be used to provide adequate training for staff within SAGW and for other involved stakeholders. The domestic training was complemented with a number of international training courses and study tours to different countries in Europe. The project also supported the establishment of an Information Technology Development Unit within SAGW, which took the lead role in the development of an Electronic Cadastre (MEC).