Swedesurvey provided support to the National Agency of Public Registry in Tbilisi with the project Management and Training Support for Registration in Georgia. The project focused on the improvement of client services through the use of modern IT solutions and close interaction with other stakeholders in the land administration sector. Human Resource Development at all levels of the organization and at both central and local offices and development of management capacity were important activities in the project. In an earlier project Swedesurvey provided support in the establishment of the Tbilisi Land Management Training Centre and we have also conducted aerial photography in Georgia.

Projects in this country: Training Centre in Georgia

The overall project (Establishment of a Land Management Training Centre in Georgia) objective was to support the establishment of a well functioning real property market that can support economic growth and sustainable development in Georgia. The project objectives were to strengthen capacity...

Country area: 
69 700
Country inhabitants: 
Georgian 83.8%, Azeri 6.5%, Armenian 5.7%, other 4%
Country language: 
Country capital: 
Country currency: 
Lari (GEL)