Swedesurvey has, amongst other things, produced basic topographic maps for Kavala, a city of 60 000 inhabitants, and orthophotos of three villages in a major national cadastral project. In addition, Swedesurvey has developed a data capture system in order to collect and examine ownership declarations and for the subsequent updating of cadastral maps and title books. Another project undertaken in Greece was land consolidation of 5.88 sq. km. with 60 000 individually owned olive trees on Thassos Island. Swedesurvey has a subsidiary company in Greece, Swedesurvey Hellas.

Projects in this country: Cadastral project in Greece

Greece has started a major cadastral project which aims at the establishment of a new title land registration system based on cadastral maps and unique identification of the parcels which will form the Hellenic Cadastre. The establishment is expected to be...

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131 957
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Greek 99%, other 1%
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Euro (EUR)