Cadastral project in Greece

Greece has started a major cadastral project which aims at the establishment of a new title land registration system based on cadastral maps and unique identification of the parcels which will form the Hellenic Cadastre. The establishment is expected to be carried out during a 15 year long period and the total costs are estimated to about 2 500 million USD. The new Hellenic Cadastre will cover the whole country of 131 600 km2 and include an estimated number of 15 million land parcels.

The population of Greece is about 10,2 million. Financing for the first phase of the project was secured with 180 million USD of which the European Union contributes 75% and the Greek Government 25% The project was the responsibility of the Hellenic Mapping and Cadastral Organisation (HEMCO), which belongs to the Ministry of Environment and Public Works. A special state owned limited company was formed to be in charge of the execution. The reform will among others meant that the responsibility for cadastral registration was taken over from the deed registration system, operated by about 400 Mortgage Offices by HEMCO.

Swedesurvey provided services
Swedesurvey was awarded a contract to collect data for one of these areas of approximately 118 km2. This project is covering Nea Karia, Piges and Agiasma.

The work included:
- Production of basic topographic maps as line maps in scale 1:1000 for a city of about 60 000 inhabitants and production of orthophotos in scale 1:5000 for three rural villages. 
Collection and control of ownership declarations from land owners in the area, stating their demands on ownership over land.
- Compilation of cadastral maps for all land parcels in the area. 
- A first suspension of the result of the inventory with cadastral maps and title books. 
- After review and decisions by a Committee of first degree of appeals, update the cadastral maps and title books and organise a second suspension. 
- After review by a Committee of second degree of appeals, update the cadastral maps and title books. 
- Delivery of the final result to the implementation company.


Swedesurvey developed a data capture system based on the Autoka PC system (APC). During the process, the material was updated with transactions occurring during the data capture period. The implementation company developed, through a separate tender, a land information system to which the data is delivered and updated by the state owned organisation.