Following the cessation of hostilities between Iraq and Kuwait in 1991, a UN commission, the Iraq-Kuwait Boundary Demarcation Commission, was formed to demarcate the boundary. The demarcation was based on an evaluation of historical delimitation agreements between the two countries.Swedesurvey, in cooperation with a partner, was contracted to provide the commission with maps and other geographic information. Aerial photography was carried out and a precision geodetic network established and, in addition to monumentation, surveying and documentation of the boundary markers, we carried out special large scale orthophoto mapping in order to determine compensation along the northern boundary.

Country area: 
438 317
Country inhabitants: 
Shia Arabs 60%, Sunnite Arabs 17%, Kurds 17%, other 6%
Country language: 
Arabic, Kurdish
Country capital: 
Country currency: 
Dinar (IQD)