Following the cessation of hostilities between Iraq and Kuwait in 1991, the United Nations contracted Swedesurvey, in cooperation with a partner, to provide the Iraq-Kuwait Boundary Demarcation Commission with maps and other geographic information.

Furthermore, Swedesurvey conducted an onshore/offshore survey of the offshore neutral zone bordering the partitioned zone between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait on behalf of the Joint Technical Committee.

In addition, Swedesurvey mapped the Wafra Oilfield in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and established a permanent GPS reference station.

Swedesurvey has also carried out colour aerial photography and aerial triangulation of the entire country in the scale 1:25 000 and of Kuwait City in the scale 1:6 000.

Country area: 
17 820 sq.km.
Country inhabitants: 
Kuwaiti 33.4%, other Arabs 34.8%, Asian 24.3%, Iranian 2.1%, Europeans and Americans 5.4%
Country language: 
Country capital: 
Kuwait City
Country currency: 
Dinar (KWD)