Support to The Kyrgyz Republic

Sweden was financing the Technical Assistance component of a World Bank loan taken by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

GosRegister is the Kyrgyz Government agency with responsibility for the implementation of the Land and Real Estate Registration Project. The project was aiming at registering 600,000 immovable property units throughout the Kyrgyz Republic before the end of 2004. The main project funding came from a World Bank credit.

The Land and Real Estate Registration Project officially commenced in February 2000. The core project activities included developing methods for mass appraisal, property tax and development of the real estate market. A computerized registration system was developed. The registration system will form the basis for a national land information system. Another component was the development of a customer oriented registration procedure.

50 local registration offices were established within the framework of the project. A systematic registration campaign was introduced at the same time as there was a client driven approach to registration.