Over a period of twelve years Swedesurvey assisted the State Land Service in Latvia

  • by proposing amendments to legislation,
  • designing and implementing both a computerised land information system and a national cadastral mapping programme,
  • forming and implementing new principles for valuation of real property,
  • conducting training programmes.

Swedesurvey has also conducted aerial photography for the State Land Service including 20 650 sq. km. at the scale 1:30 000. Processed films, contact prints, diapositives and GPS data were delivered and the images were used to update the Land Parcel Register for the land reform project.

Country area: 
64 589
Country inhabitants: 
Latvian 59.5%, Russian 27.4%, Belarusian 3.5%, Ukrainian 2.5%, Polish 2.3%, other 4.8%
Country language: 
Country capital: 
Country currency: 
Lats (LVL)