Swedesurvey provided technical assistance in the World Bank First Cadastre project in Moldova. As well as a fulltime project implementation officer stationed in Chisinau for 21 months, Swedesurvey provided 500 weeks of short-term consultancies. Amongst other things, Swedesurvey assisted in establishing a new geodetic network and undertook cadastral mapping. Land parcels, constructions and apartments were registered in three dimensions and preparations were made for a fiscal cadastre system. Approximately four million real estate objects were registered during the first five years of the project.

Projects in this country: Cadastre for Land Registration

Sweden financed technical assistance to Moldova’s ambitious First Cadastre Project for land registration. This project started 1998 with financing from a World Bank credit. Furthermore there has been assistance from Switzerland, France, Norway, Japan; and USAID has financed privatization of...

Country area: 
33 800
Country inhabitants: 
Moldavians 76%, Ukrainians 8.5%, Russians 6%, other 9.5%
Country language: 
Moldovan, Romanian
Country capital: 
Country currency: 
Leu (MDL)