Capacity Building in Human Resources Development

Capacity Building in Human Resources Development to strengthen the Land Administration Sector in Mongolia.

The overall development goal of the project was national economic growth and sustainable development supported by a rational land administration.
The main objective was focused on the human resources development in order to further develop the modernized land administration with ALAGaC in specific and withinMongolia in general.

The project focused on the human resources development of the different aspects of the land administration sector, including land management, cadastre, legislative framework, real property registration, geodesy & cartography, National Land Information System (NLIS), institutional development etc. Moreover, the project focused on the concept for the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and public awareness campaign concerning land related matters.

In relation to the above, the objective of Swedesurvey’s input was to transfer and develop knowledge in the different activities related to land administration.

Management Development

The component’s target group was politicians, high and medium level management of the organizations involved in land administration matters. Different study tours, seminars, trainings and consultancies were carried out. The subjects of the activities were land administration policy, strategy, management, institutional development, self financing, legal issues and concept for the NSDI etc.

Technical Development

The target group was the technical staff of ALAGaC. Different study tours, seminars, trainings, English trainings, and consultancies were carried out andResearch & TrainingCenterwas established. Moreover, there were four Junior Consultants, who worked with the staff of ALAGaC for four months inMongolia. The subjects of the activities concerned different fields such as land management, cadastre, real property registration, geodesy & cartography, NLIS, NSDI, IT etc.

University Exchange Program

This program aimed at the improvement of the current curriculum on land administration fields of the concerned Mongolian Universities to develop and improve the content of the subjects in the curriculum. 
Another part of this program was distance learning for Master’s degree for 5 selected ALAGaC staff. Different subjects was given via Internet – distance learning and trainings inMongolia and inSweden was organized.

Public Awareness Campaigns

Information on land administration, education of the public concerning the appropriate land use, how to benefit from private land ownership (real property) etc. was prepared and distributed through mass media, i.e. Radio, TV, pamphlets and newspapers. Moreover, two conferences were organized during the project implementation. These events were on Land Administration and National Spatial Data Infrastructure and included international participation.