The SIICAR Project

Swedesurvey AB forms prime party in a Consortium arrangement with GFA Terrasystems to develop the software for an Integrated Cadastre and Registry Information System for the Nicaraguan Government, the SIICAR system (Sistema Integrado de Información Catastral y Registral).

The project is financed through IDB (Interamerican Development Bank) credits and was launched in October 2005. The Client (Ministry of Housing and Public Credits), is represented by the Nicaraguan Land Management Project (PRODEP) and a dedicated working group named OA-SIICAR (Organización Administrativa SIICAR), with staff from the National Cadastre and Register authorities.

SIICAR will be an integrated information system with Local Network Windows- and WEB Clients for the regional Registry and Cadastre offices of Nicaragua. Automated Public Cadastre and Registry Services will be programmed using a Work Flow Engine, thus automating more than 100 different services.

SIICAR will be built on a distributed database concept supporting the regional offices and their respective public services. It also includes a centralized data repository with national coverage. Internet based map and tabular data services will be developed in order to provide public access to the centralized Cadastre and Registers databases.

Pilot implementations of SIICAR will be established at the Cadastre and Registry Regional Offices of Managua, Chinandega, Estelí and Madríz. The Internet Information Services and Repository functions will be established at the OA-SIICAR Laboratory inManagua. The laboratory will also serve as national development and support centre for SIICAR.

The Project Team of the Consortium inManaguaconsists of Project Manager, Technical Manager, Cadastre and Register System Experts, Methodologist and four locally contracted developers. The Client provides four national developers, participating in the development work. ILS Inc (International Land Systems) is subcontracted to provide the Register Module of SIICAR which is based on the LRS framework. A substantial part of that development work is carried out at the ILS Inc. office inKiev,Ukraine.

An extensive training programme for end users, national developers and maintenance staff was also executed by the SIICAR Project.