Swedesurvey assisted the National Land Center (NLC) to provide Rwanda with its first National Land Use and Development Master Plan together with national coverage of high resolution orthophotos and base maps. The project, started in 2008, was completed in 2010. A consultant was stationed in Kigali and the scope of the project included collection of data; the preparation of a countrywide base map; an audit of land tenure and land use designation; undertaking specific studies; planning for and setting up of organisational structure for spatial planning including collecting and managing land use data and drafting of legislation. There was extended public participation.

Projects in this country: Master Land Use Planning

The Ministry of Land, Environment, Forestry, Water and Mines in Rwanda chose to cooperate with Swedesurvey for the design of the Land Use Master Plan and Physical Planning of Rwanda.

The project started on the 1st of September 2007 and lasted for three years. The first activities were...

Country area: 
26 338
Country inhabitants: 
Hutu 84%, Tutsi 15%, Twa 1%
Country language: 
Rwandan, French, English
Country capital: 
Country currency: 
Franc (RWF)