Master Land Use Planning

The Ministry of Land, Environment, Forestry, Water and Mines in Rwanda chose to cooperate with Swedesurvey for the design of the Land Use Master Plan and Physical Planning of Rwanda.

The project started on the 1st of September 2007 and lasted for three years. The first activities were aerial photography for production of a base map for planning of the whole country and of large scale maps of about 30 urban settlements. The planning process involved all agencies and organisations with demand on land use. The different demands on land use was collected and analysed from existing material, satellite imagery and inventories of sector organisations. Based on these demands on land use, a vision was elaborated and agreed with all stakeholders and with participation from the general public.

Priorities was set based on criteria elaborated from the vision and a proposal for a strategic master land use plan elaborated and presented for review and final decisions. A National Centre for Land Management was established within the Ministry for the continued physical master planning in the country.