Development of methods for appraising the value of compensation for the plan implementation

Swedesurvey signed a contract in August 2013 with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning, The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia. The project will last to October 2014.

The main tasks are:

  1. Formulation of criteria for the sale of a whole real estate or part thereof
  2. Identification of all those market elements with important impact on real estate value, which are not included in mass real estate appraisal models, and the related guidelines for value appraisal
  3. Definition of the size of encumbrance on real estate
  4. Development of appraisal methods for constituent parts and damage
  5. Formulation of guidelines for the appraisal of business damage
  6. Development of methods for appraising the value of costs due to moving out

Swedesurvey will investigate how the existing mass valuation models can be used to estimate compensation. Additional models will be developed in the project to estimate compensation for sale of whole real property and part thereof for several different property types.

New methods to estimate the compensation will be developed for a number of burdens and damages, for example methods to estimate compensation for secondary buildings, fixtures and vegetation. For agricultural land and forest land several methods will be developed. To estimate compensation for environmental and commercial damage is included in the assignment as well.

This project follows after the consultancy projects Swedesurvey performed earlier in Slovenia for implementation of a property mass valuation system.