Sri Lanka

Together with staff from the Survey Department, Swedesurvey carried out a feasibility study, arranged by the University of Zurich as part of the technical support for the Sri Lanka/Swiss Planning Support Project and financed by the Swiss Development Cooperation. The objective of the study was to familiarize the Survey Department of Sri Lanka’s National Mapping and Surveying Agency with the technical and institutional issues arising when setting up a computerised Land Information System (LIS). It resulted in a report “Proposal for a LIS in Sri Lanka Based on Cadastre to Support the Establishment of a Title Register”.

Country area: 
65 610
Country inhabitants: 
Sinhalese 73.9%, Tamil 12.6%, Moors 7.4%, Indian Tamil 5.2%, others 0.9%
Country language: 
Sinhala, Tamil
Country capital: 
Colombo (Sri Jayawardenapura-Kotte)
Country currency: 
Rupee (LKR)