Cadastre for Land Registration

Sweden financed technical assistance to Moldova’s ambitious First Cadastre Project for land registration. This project started 1998 with financing from a World Bank credit. Furthermore there has been assistance from Switzerland, France, Norway, Japan; and USAID has financed privatization of almost all earlier collective farm land. 
Swedesurvey was responsible for direct technical assistance within in total 13 areas. Within this Swedesurvey also had the task to assist the First Cadastre Project to coordinate other donors input.

The initial goal for the First Cadastre Project was to register 520,000 Real Estates during the 5-year period 1999-2003. Moldova has around 5,500,000 Real Estate objects counting land parcels, buildings and apartments. 

The objectives for the real estate registration system was to provide: 
- property owners with security of ownership rights such that they can sell or rent real estate at fair market prices and pass on there holdings as inheritances, 
- commercial banks with the confidence necessary to give secured credit against real estate, 
- the real estate market with information on ownership and location of property as needed for the market to function effectively, 
- government agencies and institutions with basic information for urban planning and land management, 
- the real estate market with selective information on property values, and 
- the private sector with opportunities to develop in areas related to real estate registration (surveyors, notaries, valuers).

The legal cadastre is also the basis for the establishment of a fiscal cadastre. Swedesurvey had the task to assist in the building of a fiscal cadastre and has carried through pilot projects on market-oriented assessment of all Real Estates. The starting up in practice concerned apartments.